Laura Artman, MBA

House of Artman

The Mission of The House of Artman and (soon to be Crivalo Destinations LLC in Washington), is to manage property and provide destinations that bring the highest benefit to the property owner and for tenant and guests.

There are two markets we hope to serve. First we hope to provide housing and destination options for essential workers. Essential workers are seeking furnished clean, safe, secure and private housing for 3-6 month tenancies. They typically have very good or excellent credit, are good communicators and considerate tenants. Most are homeowners themselves.

The second market is typically retired individuals who are seeking to share housing with other retirees. This market is served by creating homes that provide for long-term roommates. In some cases, we hope to also find properties with MIL units that can be used for short-term housing. In this case, the tenant operates the “stay” and pays the owner a portion of the proceeds.

** The property listed in Seattle is owned and operated by Laura Artman, the owner of this site.

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