WordCamp San Francisco 2012 took place August 7 and I was able to attend the streaming edition of the Camp. I purchased a ticket when they first became available and unfortunately as it turns out, was unable to attend in person so this was the next best thing. Naturally the most exciting presentation was the “State of the Word” by Matt Mullenweg. He did a great job walking us through the latest features of the software.  I particularly enjoyed when he discussed the results of a study about how WordPress is being used and by whom.

He had a diagram of the types of clients (not developers) who use WordPress. The largest segment  of clients for WordPress sites are small business and individuals. The second group was non-profit, government, and education.  I encourage you to visit the link below to watch that presentation at WordPress.tv.  One thing I will mention is that the study found that 66% of responded used WordPress as a CMS. That is no surprise to me.

Here are some of the sites he made reference to in the presentation.

I highly recommend you watch State of the Word on WordPress.tv


Here is his slideshare presentation

[slideshare id=13893474&doc=sotw2012-120806203715-phpapp02]